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Life is to be enjoyed ... not endured!



As a Person Centred Counsellor, Life-Coach, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Healer, I am committed to helping my client reach their full potential in whatever way that I can.


I use all of my skills either individually or as a mix, to ensure that my client reconciles themselves in the best way possible to the issues that they present to me with.


I never intentionallly set out to expand my practice into what it is today - it evolved along with me and for this reason I know it will resonate with different people for different reasons.


Consider this - metaphorically speaking do you have a hole in your bucket? Picture the bucket as your heart with a hole in it and no matter how much you try to fill it with external, material things they just aren't able to fill the hole sufficiently in order for you to feel full or filled (fulfilled) for any length of time. Instead whatever you need pours out of the hole and you have to start all over again. Is it any wonder that you're exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically or that you have addictions of one kind or another be it alcohol, gambling, shopping, food, drugs, sex etc. These are all things that you are using to fill your bucket. In other words using to provide you with the self love that is missing from your life. They all work temporarily, but ultimately leave you feeling even emptier than before.


Have you tried everything and run out of ideas or do you have a block that is telling you that you are not worth the effort. Well I'm here to tell you that you are worth it and to teach you how to make sure that the hole in your bucket is filled with love for yourself until it is overflowing - then sit back and watch how your life changes!


Be kind to yourself.


Best wishes,

Anne Townson