* Person-Centred Counselling

(including Play Therapy)

* Life Coaching

* Hypnotherapy

* Reiki / Intuitive Healing



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It's difficult talking about money when it relates to a person's well being, but I feel that my prices compare well with others in my profession, who maybe don't offer the "complete package" as I do. This is one of the most important investments that you will ever make - an investment in your self and in your life. I believe that you're worth it! I have faith in you, even if initially you may not. For that reason I request payment for 6 sessions upfront ... you might think that cheeky, but look at it from my perspective. I totally commit to you, both when you're with me during the session and additionally I also send you any information that I think will help you in between sessions. I am someone who is determined to help you change your life in a way that you never thought possible. In the majority of cases that isn't going to happen overnight. I could charge you for each session when you showed up and take your money, but that's not why I do what I do. I want the best for my clients and I know that will take at least six sessions ... in six sessions you will have learnt to do the work for yourself ... you will be committing to yourself ... to be the best person that you can be ... to have the best life that you can.


By charging up front £50 x 6 sessions = £300 I know that you are going to keep on coming. I know that we're both not wasting our time. I know that you are taking your life as seriously as I am.


Sessions can be combined, if that was considered to be beneficial by both client and practitioner.


My fee for child therapy is £50 per 60 minute session.


Couple counselling will be £65 per 60 minute session.


Hypnotherapy sessions involve a lot more pre-session work, with the client completing a questionnaire prior to the session and my writing a bespoke hypnotherapy script based on the information provided. For this reason I charge £90 per session.


I do offer home visits, but this will incur an additional charge to cover petrol and travelling time.


Frequent/late cancellation of sessions can be problematic for me so I, therefore, reserve the right to charge for missed sessions should this become a regular issue.


The success of any of my services is dependent upon the relationship between the client and the practitioner.   It requires a commitment from both parties, as in any other relationship.  There are no quick fixes, I'm not a magician but I know from experience and my clients can testify that it can be a magical, empowering and life changing experience!