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Life is to be enjoyed ... not endured!

My Fees


It's difficult talking about money when it relates to a person's well being, but I feel that my prices compare well with others in my profession, who maybe don't offer the "complete package" as I do. This is one of the most important investments that you will ever make - an investment in your self and in your life. I believe that you're worth it! I have faith in you ... even if initially you may not.


Counselling (including On-Line Therapy), Life Coaching and Reiki are £50 per 60 minute session


Sessions can be combined, if that was considered to be beneficial by both client and practitioner and a pro-rata fee agreed.


My fee for child therapy is £50 per 60 minute session.


Couple counselling will be £65 per 60 minute session.


Parts Therapy is much more intensive and for this reason I charge £70 per 60 minute session. This therapy may also be done under hypnosis if required, in which case the hypnotherapy fee will apply.


Hypnotherapy sessions involve a lot more pre-session work, with the client completing a questionnaire prior to the session and my writing a bespoke hypnotherapy script based on the information provided. For this reason I charge £95 per 1 hour session.


A copy of a generic recording from my personal library appertaining to a particular subject can be purchased in MP3 format for £25.


1-2-1 Workshops are offered on a client by client basis at a cost of £150 per 4 hour session, including light refreshments.


Letters requested by clients for employers, tutors, GPs etc, if agreed relevant by the Therapist, will incur an additional charge of £20.


I do offer home visits, but this will incur an additional charge to cover petrol and travelling time.