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Life is to be enjoyed ... not endured!

Self Image Therapy


How we feel on the inside creates our life on the outside!


I truly do believe that.


These are before and after pictures of me. My weight yo-yo'd all of my life, even reaching a stage in my 20s where I went through a period of bulimia. After reaching rock bottom in a very unhealthy relationship I was now ready to put myself first and focus on having a relationship with myself. No longer would I listen to anyone who didn't have my best interests at heart. No longer would I allow the opinions of others be who I based myself on. No longer would I compare myself to people who only valued how I/they looked. I wanted to lose weight for "me", no one else and not to primarily look good, but to be fit and healthy for the life that lay ahead because I deserved it.


The worm had turned, the true me began to surface and I've never looked back or felt better.


Sadly, we often have to have reach a point of no return before we start looking up. I now know exactly where it all stemmed from. That's why diets and exercise alone aren't the only answer. We have to look at all aspects of our life. When we stop letting things eat away at us, then we don't feel the need to keep on eating in order to fill the void where love for ourselves should reside, because that's where the food is going. Sadly for this reason we mistakenly call it comfort eating, when in actual fact it's anything but comforting.


I've learnt to have faith in myself. Faith means believing in something that has not yet become reality. When we begin to have faith that we can do something, then we send ourselves the most amazing, empowering messages that re-enforce our complete well-being.


We often talk about loving ourselves, but rarely stop to think about what that means. Love is a massive umbrella for everything that makes up our self worth - respect, trust, belief, consideration, responsibility, boundaries, compassion, kindness, hope, security - the list is endless. When we start giving all of these things to ourselves, instead of giving them away to others, then our potential is phenominal.


Going back to the words on my home page - fill your own bucket and everyone else will benefit as a result. Give what's in your bucket away to people who don't deserve it and you will be left empty, craving for something to fill the space. I always tell my child clients "be a bucket filler and not a bucket dipper". So, start with your own bucket first and get filling!


Listen to yourself and not the shallow, heartless, cruel voices that have had such a detrimental affect on your life - up to now!


Change the habits of a life time and watch your life change, just as mine has.


I'm here to help you fill your bucket in the best way possible and to show you how to learn to have faith in yourself.