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Life is to be enjoyed ... not endured!



I had a client last week who at the end of our session asked if they “could take me home in their pocket” … bless. They were feeling stuck and although our counselling sessions were helping them I suggested hypnotherapy to move things along faster. Understandably, hypnotherapy isn’t for everyone and if people aren’t comfortable with the idea of it, then it’s not going to work anyway. Such was the case in this instance. So, totally out of nowhere, I suggested that I record something for them along the lines of a relaxation / guided meditation / hypnotherapy session, that they could listen to in the comfort of their own home as often as they felt necessary, in order to re-enforce aspects of our work together in-between sessions. They jumped at the offer and although this isn’t something that I’ve done before, it felt right - so that’s what I did.


Happily my client loves the recording and every time they listen to it they feel as if they have dealt with something, without even having to know what that might be! They “feel lighter somehow - as if something has been released”, which is obviously how hypnotherapy works. I’m delighted when my clients feel that they are letting go of something that no longer serves them well, which got me to thinking …


What better time to do a similar recording to help anyone who might be struggling at this time of year. I know that Christmas means different things to different people and experiences / memories can be both good and bad. So what better way of escaping the hustle and bustle than by taking 30 minutes out of whatever is going on to give yourself the best present that you can – time! My gift to you focuses on FAITH – after all that’s what Christmas is all about right? Be it faith in religion or Santa Claus or that dream you have. But before you can have faith in any of those things, you firstly have to have faith in yourself. The recording is entitled “MY BEST CHRISTMAS EVER … SO FAR!” It’s a mix of wonderful things, but it primarily focuses on replacing anger with compassion and forgiving not only some key people in your life, but yourself as well. It’s about being reborn and represents the true essence of Christmas – UNCONDITIONAL HEALING LOVE for all concerned.


Because it’s so special I’ve spent at least 15 hours writing and editing the script – I think it went to issue 6! Not to mention recording it 3 times because I couldn’t find just the right music to go along with it! In my defence, I’m not striving for perfection, but it does have to feel right for me and then I know that it will connect with my clients. So, 15 hours should equate to £750 in my working world, but because I’m working intuitively, which for me means that I HAVE to get it out there for people to benefit from, I'm making this recording available for anyone to buy via my website for just £45, which I consider to be an affordable price for all. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a bargain for such a unique gift. One that you can return to as often as you like and which will help you discover more about yourself every time. You could maybe even share it with someone who you think might benefit from it. It literally is the gift that keeps on giving.


If you wish to purchase it then contact me direct and I’ll send it to you in MP3 format, which you then just download and start using.


As always, be kind to yourself.


Best wishes.


Anne Townson