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As a qualified Person Centred Counsellor, Life-Coach and Hypnotherapist I am committed to helping my clients reach their full potential in whatever way that I can.  I am a Therapist and as such I use all of my skills to ensure that my client reconciles themselves in the best way possible to the issues that they present to me with.

I never intentionallly set out to expand my practice into what it is today -  it evolved along with me and for this reason I know that it will resonate with different people for different reasons.

So what do I mean by Symbiotic?

Symbiosis is a permanent relationship between two or more different organisms. Symbiotic relationships are very important in nature and happen all around us and to us

There are 3 types of Symbiosis:

1. Commensalism – one organism benefits the other and is not harmed or helped eg barnacles are transported and fed by the whale. The whale is not affected by the barnacles.

2. Parasitism – one organism benefits but the other is harmed eg the tick feeds on the dog. The tick could transmit disease to the host.

3. Mutualism – both organisms benefit eg the stinging tentacles of the sea anemone protect pairs of clown fish. In return, the clown fish clean debris from the sea anemone.

As in nature, so it is in our lives!  How can it not be as everything is made up of energy and we are all connected on a vibrational level.  Our lives, in these bodies that we live in, are a reflection of how nature works, but because we are organisms trying to be human we get the relationship (connection) confused and then tie ourselves up in knots trying to put it right (points 1 and 2).  Is this beginning to make sense?  The key thing to symbiosis is simplicity, something that people don't seem to appreciate.  Instead, we feed off trauma, drama or anything that gives us an emotional high be that good (happiness) or bad (anxiety) and then we develop a habit for it.

We have a relationship with everything in our LIFE and the relationship we have with the most toxic issue will affect all other relationships.  I will help you establish what the most pressing relationship issue it is that you have and help you understand that by focusing on that particular one to clean it up, then all of your other relationships will improve.  For instance if you have a bad relationship with money - always being anxious when the post arrives, living in lack, worrying about your bank balance, working yourself into the ground to improve your finances etc, as that is the greatest emotional relationship that you have, then you will apply those same destructive emotions onto other relationships in your life, without even realising it.  You will view yourself, everyone and everything in your life based on those perceptions.  This isn't a complicated process, it's really simple, as most of the things that help us are.  All it takes is for us to "spend" some time looking at the values and limiting beliefs that you have cultivated and change them for the better.  One of the tools that I use is Your Relationship Tool (click on the image below to enlarge it).  Study this, read it, print it out and discover the key part of YOU that needs to change.  Add in as many sections as you like or create a new wheel for other sections.

I've also shown an example of someone who has done the work.  Look at the lowest area on your wheel and write down any emotions that you feel when you look at it.  Now look at your second lowest.  Do you notice that the same emotions connect them.  Highlight any that you feel particularly strongly about.  Ultimately, YOU are holding onto these emotions - they have somehow become tangled up within you and are creating shock waves throughout your life.  So, in this example the areas of Money and Significant Other are tangled up because of what the individual experienced whilst in a relationship, where the partner took everything from her, until she was left financially, mentally and emotionally broken.  She was traumatised, so is it any wonder that her circuitry fused together in a non-beneficial way.  The two lowest scoring elements will have the greatest connection, but if you look at all other elements the same emotions will undoubtedly be running through them as well, to a lesser degree, but in an unhealthy way.  Once you recognise this and can identify it, then you can do something about it.  When you do this exercise then YOU will be in control and not reacting to past hurts and reliving past events.  You will be able to move on.  You will no longer be stuck.

Enjoy exploring what YOU are all about.  As said earlier this isn't complicated and if you're thinking that it is, then what are you telling yourself about yourself and what bit of that needs changing?

Looking at points 1-2 above I'm sure you can all recognise these relationships within your own lives be it with people, food, gambling, sex, alcohol, drugs, money, ourselves!  So, join me in uncomplicating the relationships that govern you, so that you can live your life in balance and harmony just as nature intended (point 3).

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