Life Coaching

Life Coaching & Tarot Guidance

Unlike Counselling, Life Coaching is designed to help a client look to the future and not the past.  The process is designed to discover what it is that they want from their life and how they can set about achieving it.

What vision are you working towards?  What goals have you set yourself in life?  I’ll hazard a guess that you’re not working towards anything, other than getting through each day and seeing what happens.

If you don’t have a vision (and the bigger the better) then you will live your life based on your current beliefs, which will ultimately keep you exactly where you are now.  Programmes that you’ve built up over your lifetime re-running the same old experiences, problems, consequences over and over again.  You’re stuck in a groove, going around and around.  When you have a vision you change your beliefs to align with the life that you want.  You create new programmes, new beliefs based on the life that you deserve.  You jump out of that groove and towards what you are aligned with, what you believe to be possible.

Your beliefs create your emotions, your emotions create your reality.  Change your beliefs and you change your reality.

Sessions concentrate on what areas of your life you want to change or improve upon.  This is done using a number of techniques which provide "at a glance information", all of which are fantastic tools providing the clarity that can be missing for the client.  However, it's the interaction between Client and Coach that puts the "meat on the bones" so-to-speak.

A life coach is someone with the wisdom to direct an individual to seeing the more positive aspects of themselves and attempts to organise him or her onto a path of guidance enabling them to reach their true potential.

You might think that it sounds odd my combining Life Coaching with Tarot, but there are far greater energies at play in the Universe than those that we see, taste, touch, smell and hear in life as we know it.  Ancient techniques like tarot, such as runes, bones, sooth sayers etc are what was used when great rulers needed advice in yars gone by.  A Tarot Reading actually expands your mind to consider other contributing factors in your relationships, business, future etc.  We are connected to a much greater power that has to break through our wall of "reality" somehow.  How else can readings be so uncannily true!