Meditation & Visualisation

Meditation & Visualisation

Meditation isn't what most people think. It doesn't always entail sitting cross legged on the floor. It's about simply "being".

There are two hemispheres to our brain, the right side of the brain tends to be more dominant in creative activities. It relates to dreams, visualisation, symbols, rhythm, recognition, imagination, synthesis, intuition and emotions. It could be described as our “unconscious”. Whilst the left hemisphere of the brain tends to be more dominant in logical or analytical activities, such as reason, writing, reading, mathematics language and analysis. This could be described as the conscious aspect of the brain. Maintaining balance within both hemispheres of the brain is vital for the total health of the mind. Too much emphasis on the qualities of one side will take energy and life from the other.

If you click on the picture above then you will hear a piece of music that I use to help me meditate.  I still my mind by visualising the breath coming and going out as a mirror image of how the ocean ebs and flows to the shore.  We mirror nature, because we are the same energy.  As you breathe in  imagine the waves leaving the shore, as you breathe out imagine them lapping against the shore.  Do this until the chatter in your head has stopped and you are in harmony with the energy inside of you.  It doesn't matter if you do this for 5 minutes fo 5 hours ... however long you do it will be beneficial to you.

Both sides of the brain exist in unison and are there to support and nourish one another. They’re the ying-yang of our mind. Relaxation helps us to either rest both sides of our brain and just “be” or it can be used to aid our practice of visualisation to re-enforce where it is that we want to be, what is it that we want to achieve, it helps us to stay positive. Visualisation is a bit like catching a dream that can become reality.

I use visualisation a lot in my life coaching work. Again it's about projecting out into the Universe what you want to receive. Feel that you have it, live like you have it and it will come to you. It's all about believing in yourself.