On-line course

You've Always Had the Power!

Having worked for the NHS in both acute and mental health hospitals I know how frustrating it is for patients to be put onto a waiting list months in advance of an appointment.  For my part I do offer free sessions on occasion, but not as often as I would like, mainly due to my professional boundaries and also because this is my livelihood.   However, I frequently get caught up in an initial telephone enquiry where I know that I won’t hear from the caller again, but that they have gone away 30 minutes later feeling better than they did when they rang.  I’m OK with that, but it does emphasise the lack of what is available for people who are struggling financially or who are waiting for an assessment appointment.  The purpose of this course is to empower people.  To help them change how they view their situation and instead of waiting to be helped; start to help themselves.  This is always my aim – helping my clients to help themselves.

I’ve had experience working as an Integrative Therapist in many different environments:

  • I worked at a women’s refuge for 6 months counselling women and their children who had ran away from all manner of abuse.
  • Next I spent 18 months assisting in a general counselling centre seeing male and female clients aged 18 upwards, with an assortment of issues.
  • I’ve worked for an organisation called Place-2-Be. Their purpose is to place counsellors in schools in deprived areas.  I worked at a primary school, where I was trained in play therapy so that I could help 7-9 year olds make sense of what was going on in their lives.  This mainly consisted of dysfunctional family dynamics such as relationship breakdowns, multi “family” members although not blood related, drug addictions, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, sickness, death to name but a few. It was whilst working at the school that I also began to write self-help poetry in the form of short stories for children.  Sometimes they were just exhausted, so I simply read to them instead whilst at the same time re-enforcing their self-worth.
  • Latterly I spent 12 months working as admin support on 2 wards on an NHS mental health secure unit because I wanted to experience the extreme end of mental illness in comparison to the clients that I see in my practice. The two wards were both male and the majority of patients had come from high security prisons, suffering with an acquired brain injury (ABI) resulting from violent behaviour or persistent drug abuse. It was an incredible experience and I learnt a lot about myself and the mental health system.
  • In all I estimate that I have facilitated in excess of 1000 therapy sessions at my practice alone, which I run on a part-time basis and numerous ad-hoc sessions with people that I meet around and about.
  • I'm an experienced Life Coach (including use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • A successful hypnotherapist
  • Law of Attraction Practitioner
  • Reiki Healer
  • and as mentioned earlier a writer of children's self-help books

I work intuitively and use anything and everything as a tool – paper exercises, picture cards, mirrors, visualisations, meditations, art work, play therapy, toys, puppets, post cards, play dough, letters, physical exercises, as well as talking, listening and reflecting.  Whatever pops into my mind that I feel will work for my client I will use it. I have attempted to incorporate a number of these things into the course sessions either via hard copy or audio recordings and made recommendations of other things that might be useful.

My aim is for this course to be a virtual therapy session where my client will learn and grow.  My sessions are to be enjoyed not endured - just as in life.  Discovering yourself is an amazing experience and not one to shy away from.  As my client you will receive one session / section a week for 6 weeks via email.  Each section is broken down into 3 sub-sections focusing on key topics for you to learn from. I feel it necessary for your well-being to send only one section per week (incorporating 3 sub-sections) as this will give you time to do the work as well as process your thoughts prior to the next session. Again, this is based on how I work with my face-to-face clients with the emphasis being on the client becoming more self-aware and taking responsibility for their actions and their emotions.  In order to do this, however, you need to learn more about yourself and become self-aware. By working in this way I am confident that my client will benefit from several, if not all, aspects of the course whilst waiting for their situation to improve or appointment date to arrive. It might well be that they just want to get to know what makes them “tick” and spend some time focusing on themselves instead of someone or something else.  Also included in the package are 3 x 30 minute telephone conversations with me over the duration of the course and that must be used within the 6 week period.  Any additional telephone conversations over and above the 3 included will be charged for at a rate of £50 each and the client will initiate the call, at a mutually convenient time and date.  The total cost of the course is £300 which I feel makes it affordable for all.  Considering the time, effort, planning, research, illustrations, expertise and tools that I've included I feel this to be great value for money, but most of all priceless for those who purchase it and work through it.

Within each section I will also provide examples of how using these tools and skills have helped my past and current clients, whilst obviously protecting their anonymity and confidentiality.

I will be asking you to contract just as I do with all of my clients.  In this instance the contract will be between YOU and YOUR SELF.  This will highlight your commitment to the different aspects of yourself, whilst also laying down any ground rules and re-enforcing boundaries, which form the basis of self-respect.  This might sound strange at first, but please just go with it.

I expect my clients to take their work seriously and commit to it as much as I commit to them.  This course has been designed with you in mind and I have put 100% of myself into it in terms of time and effort and expect nothing short of the same from you in return.  Only by doing this are you committing to yourself and giving yourself the self-love that is missing from your life.

This course will provide help where currently there may not be anything available and it is a great place for anyone with mental health issues to start from, or even someone who wants to get to know who they are and what their purpose in life is.  I’ve kept it simple and easy to follow, so anyone can use it and benefit from it.  What each individual gets out of it depends on how much effort they are prepared to put into it.  How much effort they consider themselves to be worth!

The basic equipment required is as follows:

  1. Access to a printer.
  2. Buy a journal or notepad specifically for use on this course. I suggest that you get a “special” one that has a motivational phrase or picture on the front.  This is the beginning of something big for you, so let’s recognise that.
  3. Pens for writing with.
  4. A roll of plain backing wallpaper from a decorating store (for use in Section 3).
  5. Different coloured highlighter pens to emphasis something specific that is jumping out at you.
  6. A set of coloured pencils or paints just in case you decide to doodle a feeling. As I’ve mentioned numerous times I find it easier to express myself with pictures. They capture something when sometimes there just aren’t the right words – maybe a dark cloud, a bolt of lightning, a pretty flower, flowing water, crashing waves. Whatever it is that the feeling causes you to create in your mind.  I also feel that pictures are unique.  No two people are ever going to see the same thing because we are not looking through the same eyes or triggering the same emotions.

I once painted a picture of a wave (shown above).  Originally it was all shades of black and grey.  It represented how I was feeling at the time.  I was floundering and drowning under negative emotions.  I’d never painted in my life, but noticed a cheap artist’s box one day in my local supermarket.  I felt compelled to make a representation of my feelings, so that I could inspect them outside of myself.  Once I’d finished (it didn’t take very long to paint) I thought “that is exactly how I am feeling – I recognise it completely”.  My response to it was “I’m not having this - I don’t want to feel like this”.  So, I added in the sun and introduced some colour.  It is still one of my favourite paintings today.  I remember it as the day I made a choice to change myself and thereby my life. I had begun to take responsibility for the life that I was creating!

Believe me when I say that this is like no other course that you have ever tried, because it was developed by me!


I’ve put this course together as the basis for anyone to begin helping themselves, whilst they secure the funds to go for private therapy sessions or are waiting for their appointment with a state provided professional.  I consider it to be a very good starting point for anyone with mild to moderate mental health issues and even some with severe problems, but it is just that - a starting point.  You will know yourself if further work is required in specific areas that are hindering your ability to cope or interact as you would wish.  Provided that you are willing to commit to it fully, then I believe that it will (a) help you identify any such instances, which you can then bring to a professional’s attention at a one-to-one session when you are ready or (b) uncover and release any self-limiting beliefs and discover your true potential.  However, should you feel that this course is having an adverse effect on your mental health, then do please stop immediately.  One of the sections is all about Taking Responsibility, which I consider to be of paramount importance to our well-being and which begins HERE AND NOW. 

If you would like to take advantage of this amazing opportunity then please contact me via the button below.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping you grow as an individual in order to create the life that you deserve.  I will also then send you a breakdown of the 6 sections included to wet your appetite!