Play Therapy

Play Therapy

I am trained in play therapy by Place2Be, where I worked at a primary school in Burnley one day a week for 18 months and attended numerous training sessions and workshops learning how to communicate with children through play and creative work.

Place2Be is a charitable organisation who place professional counsellors in primary / comprehensive schools in deprived areas.

Children who use Place2Be's services are more likely to be from disadvantaged backgrounds, and to have special educational needs and pre-existing emotional and behavioural difficulties.

In my experiece the children I have worked with have grown in confidence and emotional wellbeing. This has been substantiated by a marking system, completed prior to and following, their time with me; completed by their teachers, their parents and the children themselves. Please visit

for more information regarding this. The difference in some cases was quite remarkable. I have since worked with children privately with equally positive results. If possible I will endeavour to provide you with a child / parent testimonial.

If you wish to talk about specific issues or the way in which I work with children then please feel free to ask. Hopefully I will be able put your mind at rest and reassure you that your child will be in safe, caring hands.